About Me

I’ve spent the last 30-plus years in the media business. So much has changed, and yet at it’s core, it’s still the same: Hook people with a good story and quality images.

Need an experienced freelance editor, writer, or photographer for an assignment in the Midwest? Please contact me and let me know how I can help your business or organization.

I’ve managed or done work for number of brands, including:

  • Sierra Northern Railway
  • MKE Indoor Outdoor Exchange
  • Trains.com
  • Trains Magazine
  • Model Railroader
  • Classic Toy Trains
  • Classic Trains
  • Garden Railways
  • Model Retailer
  • Cabin Life
  • Finescale Modeler
  • Kalmbach Books
  • Railway Gazette/Metro Report International
  • Hattons

I also operate 5Mutts Media, creating content for clients as well as providing website construction and marketing strategy.